Best Seller Book Strategy!

Shawn Patrick Williams has a strategy that has been proven to make a new release become an Amazon best seller!

Note: This is a pre-sales strategy to becoming an amazon best seller. Although it can work on already published books, it works best with new releases.

Shawn Patrick will give you the entire strategy document and walk you through the entire process, all the way to the launch date,  for a consulting fee of $500.00.  Please call 864-337-1432 or email for more info.

Need Help Launching a Non-Profit Ministry?

Shawn Patrick Williams has helped charter and set up over 30 non-profit organizations and churches in 10 different states.

He has navigated through many different  structures, strategies and situations over his 17 years of ministry. He has done this both for the international fellowship he currently is overseer of and for the many other ministry he has helped launch.

Shawn Patrick will give you a proven strategy to charter your ministry in PDF form, proven bi-laws, help with your mission statement, and consult you through the entire process of setting up a501(c)(3) ministry form filing with your state to filling out your federal 501(c)(3) application for a consulting fee of $350.00. For more info please call 864-337-1432 or email at